Happy Anniversary - 26 Years Strong

Apr 25, 2022 3:02:12 PM | translation agency Happy Anniversary - 26 Years Strong

Global Interpreting is now in its 26th year with interpreting and document translation

Happy 26th Anniversary Global Interpreting Services!! WOW!! 26 years! It is unbelievable to me that we are 26 years old. (As of April 15!) It is like a dream come true. This business went from something people thought was a hobby to something that people now understand is a thriving company. I will always miss those days of sitting on my living room floor using a typewriter to do my invoicing, a baby on my side, but I really enjoy seeing how far this company has grown. I absolutely cannot wait to see what the future holds!

We started with myself and another Interpreter, I then added just one more and I thought…wow, I have two Interpreters working with me. In 1996 when we started, we worked mostly in colleges and businesses. I hired Interpreters as the work increased. When I saw that I could really make something of the company I decided to throw fear to the wind and go after larger contracts. I started going after K-12 contracts and health system contracts.

I also saw that there was a shortage of continuing education opportunities for Interpreters, so Global, then known as Sign Language Services of Michigan, started to provide workshops and social events to help Interpreters and students improve their skills. We also started to provide workshops to police and public safety officers about ADA compliance and families on Sign Language. Sign Language classes were a big hit for a while.

Times change and we moved around a bit. We decided to make some big changes in 2014 and revamp how we were doing business. In 2014 we added foreign language Interpreting to our service package and decided to change to mostly medical interpreting. In 2015 our new business plan was so successful that it was time to make a name change to Global Interpreting Services, LLC, combining Sign Language Services of Michigan and Global Language Solutions. Having one company instead of two just made better sense.

We have now settled into what I believe will be our forever home in Clinton Township on Garfield near 19-mile road. The suite itself has changed as our staff has grown from 4 people to 15, but we love it here. We have space to grow additionally should we need to add more space, so this seems like our “Home Sweet Home”.

Starting out as a Michigan company working only in the Metro Detroit area, the last couple of years have seen us stretch our wings farther out in our state and even nationally. Our presence reaches out beyond Michigan and touches the far reaches of the United States. We have thousands of satisfied clients and tens of thousands of satisfied consumers.

Knowing that more and more people are using technology in the workplace and in their homes, we added Video Interpreting and Phone Interpreting as services in 2017. This part of Global is a fast-growing division and will take us far in the future. Our technology works with any smart device, computer, or desk phone. We always think of our clients and are very customer service focused so there are no devices to rent or purchase. It was important to us that we keep the costs minimal for our client base. We have worked with a small physician’s office, and we have worked with large school systems that have numerous buildings and thousands of individuals who require the use of the system.

Document Translation is another area that we excel in and where our growth, particularly this past year, has been astounding. We started by translating licenses and birth certificates and now we translate manuals and books! We have even translated books and put them on websites, making them look like they are turning pages so that printing costs are reduced. How cool is that?

We have a fantastic Interpreter base, both face-to-face and virtual. Really, I’m not exaggerating, they are the BEST. I’m an Interpreter myself (RID Certified and 30 years’ experience) so I know what I’m talking about! All kidding aside, I really do appreciate our Interpreters and all the work that they do. They are part of the reason Global has success. Interpreting is not an easy job and they do it and they have done it during this Pandemic. They are heroes in my book.

My staff. If you have worked with Global, you know. Our staff is the next reason why Global is a success. Hands down we have the BEST staff. If you have a question, if you have a need, if you have a job request -our staff will not give up until we have an answer until we have helped you, or until we have an Interpreter for you. We are organized, meticulous, and quick. Above all, we are courteous. I am so pleased with the Global Team. They work so hard and it shows. To me, they are all-stars.

I’m not one to brag, but being that our 25th year was a little waylaid because of COVID and we couldn’t have the celebration we were hoping to have, I thought I should share our story and successes. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some hiccups along the road to our 26th year. However, you cannot let your worst year define you. We managed our growing pains and we found our way through. All companies do that. If you can’t find your way through, then that’s when you close. We persevered and when we found our way through, we found success. Each of the last few years has bettered the year before. Every time I think, we can’t top that one! We do.

We have diversified, we have grown, and we have found new ideas to bring to fruition. Want to know what our 26th year will see? A new E-Learning Platform for Global. We used to do education in-house but now we are going back to our roots and doing educational programming again but in an e-Learning environment. We have workshops in production and can’t wait for them to be completed.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for choosing Global. We want to make a difference; together we will.

Dawn Flanigan

Written By: Dawn Flanigan