7 Easy Tips for Taking Care of your Hearing

Dec 8, 2020 12:00:00 AM | deaf awareness 7 Easy Tips for Taking Care of your Hearing

7 tips for taking care of your hearing

Keep the volume at 60 db

60 db is the level at which normal conversation happens. If you're watching TV, a video call or listening to music - try to keep the volume at 60dB to protect your ears.


Most of us have read (and ignored) the warning on the back of the cotton swabs package - but they mean it. Sticking a cotton swab in your ear can pack wax that is naturally dispelled by the ear canal through evaporation. Just swab your outer ear!


Okay - we know you're not going to trash the Air Pods, BUT consider an over-the-ear headphone instead of in-ear earbuds. Headphones that deliver sound from the outside of the ear mean your ears receive that sound in a much more natural and manageable fashion.


Like other organs that keep your body going, managing your stress is good for ear health. Stress can affect your heart and circulatory system which means less blood going to your ears to keep them functioning properly. Regular exercise is your best friend and practicing a deep breathing at the end of a stressful day is extremely helpful.

Invest in Ear plugs

When in area with loud noises - a concert, sport event, factory or warehouse - ear plugs are an incredible investment. Portable, cheap and readily available, they filter out loud sounds without causing you to miss any information.

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