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We have certified translators ready to help you with document needs. Common uses for Certified Translation include: U.S. Immigration (USCIS acceptance), high school and university applications, passport office usage, and many other local, state and Federal government official uses. If it has words, we'll translate it. To find out more information, or to get a quote, email: or call: (586) 778-4188.


What isTranslation?

Translationis the written form of language and is its own profession. Often people confuseit with Interpreting, but not everyone who interprets can translate. Why?

Doeseveryone you know who speaks English write well?  

Do they knowthe rules of grammar and punctation?  


Exactly! Translatorsare experts in not only their language but also the rules of grammar andpunctuation for the languages they translate. They will also have any specialkeyboards for the languages they work with.

At Global,we employ a highly dedicated and experienced staff. We have specialized intranslation project management and linking people to interpreters since 1996.We work exclusively with translators who are highly skilled in their craft, andunderstand the dedication and accuracy needed on projects of any size. You may emailus at or call us directly with any questionsor concerns. We meet stringent deadlines and always produce only the highest qualitywork.

What isthe difference between “interpreting” and “translation”?

Translationis written language; interpreting is spoken language.

Does justone person do my translation?

No. Everytranslation is done and then reviewed by another person.

How longdoes translation take?

In someinstances, it can take just as long to translate a document as it does to writeit in English. It is best to allow 3-5 business days for most documents, longerfor larger files.

How muchdoes translation cost? 

Translationpricing is generally billed by the document, not by the hour, so we need tolook at the document in order to provide a fee for the service. We are happy toprovide quotes free of charge.

How do I receivea translation quote?

The best way is to email us the document(s) youwould like translated to and we will respond with anestimated turn-around

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