Why Global?

Global Interpreting is an expert in interpreting and translation assisting clients nationwide for three decades

Our full array of services includes American Sign Language (ASL) and Foreign Language interpreting, on-site and virtually through phone and video services. We also offer full document translation.

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Our Values We are On Your Team

Part of Your Solution

We are fiercely committed to making effective communication as accessible and hassle-free as possible. Through a dynamic, ready-to-assist office staff, we make a difference for our clients as they navigate the unfamiliar world of language services. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer questions, hear your concerns and be your solution.

Our Values We believe the world evolves through effective communication

Effective Communication for All

Understanding is crucial to our relationships, our jobs, and all of the major functions of a community, and is achieved through effective communication that ensures every voice is heard. Global is committed to guaranteeing that effective communication is in some of the most critical places in our society: our schools, our medical institutions and our legal processes.

Our Values We are the Difference

Valuing Diversity and Inclusion

We are passionate about creating an inclusive workplace at Global, and wherever we are sent to facilitate communication. We seek to create an environment that promotes and values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our commitment to inclusion across race, ethnicity, religion, age, and gender drives us forward every day. Global’s dedication to equality strengthens our connection to the customers and communities we serve.  

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Global Interpreting

Executive Staff

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Dawn Flanigan & Dano Milunovich

Dawn Flanigan


Dawn Flanigan is the founder of Global Interpreting Services, LLC. She is a nationally Certified Sign Language Interpreter with almost 30 years' experience holding her CI, CT, NIC and OTC as well as her state of Michigan credentials. She attended Mott Community College's Interpreter Training program and continues to maintain her credentials through constant learning.

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Through the years she has supervised Interpreters in a variety of settings including educational, legal, medical, business and collegiate. She is also one of the few, if not the only, Sign Language Interpreter that trains and mentors foreign language Interpreters as well as Sign Language Interpreters. She is also a licensed Bridging the Gap trainer.

Dawn stays active in the community through various speaking engagements, consulting, and continuing to be an active interpreter. 

Dano Milunovich

Executive Vice President

Dano is the Executive Vice President of operations for Global. He oversees the entire business module including daily operations, business marketing, client relations, and customer service. Prior to joining Global, he worked for Chrysler in several different capacities including Operations Management, and Transportation Management, where his duties consisted of strategizing business development concepts and processes. 


Dano's greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership ability. He constantly seeks out new challenges, particularly those that expand the company's reach.

Education is paramount in today's business atmosphere. Dano believes that having the ability to understand the dynamics of various business models are the key factors for success.

Dano holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in business from Central Michigan University, graduating with honors in each instance.

Our History

Where Did It All Start?

Led by one woman- (who is still the sole owner, CEO, and holds four national certifications as an RID/OTC Interpreter)- Global Interpreting Services began as a Sign Language interpreting service in 1996. We started providing Sign Language Interpreters to the local educational field throughout lower Michigan. As the company expanded its K-12 and collegiate-level interpreting services, Global began offering the same great service in the medical and legal industries.

However- there was still a piece missing from the Global commitment to effective and accessible communication. In 2013, we expanded our services again and began providing Foreign Language services to our clients. With over 400 interpreters in 270+ different languages, we have evolved to successfully provide those services to everyone from the largest health systems and school districts in Michigan, to the small family practice down the street.

Armed with the experience, staff, and practical knowledge we were providing to our clients, in 2015 we expanded yet again. With the development of virtual video communication technology, Global launched it’s Virtual Remote and Over the Phone interpreting services to clients and consumers. This reduced costs, increased availability and access, and strengthened digital communication for countless businesses and individuals across the country.

Our History

Where is Global Today?

Today, Global Interpreting Services remains as committed to effective communication and excellent customer service as ever. We are proud to be a provider that runs its services with the same quality and efficiency across the board- especially when it is desperately needed.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began in the United States in March of 2020, virtual video became a crucial mode for communicating. Our already-established virtual services were able to provide clients across the nation who were otherwise left without a solution for interpreting services with the relief of effective communication during one of the most uncertain times in our history.