5 Reasons Video Interpreting Works

Jan 31, 2022 12:00:00 AM | 5 Reasons Video Interpreting Works

Video interpreting is a great way to provide effective communication quickly. Though it is not a replacement for in-person interpreting.


Pandemics. In-person Interpreters. They don’t really mix well.


A great alternative in these trying times is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)/Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) and we are excited to have that option as for our clients.


Just think about a medical setting. You have a small exam room, a doctor, a nurse, the patient, add an Interpreter…I don’t have to tell you that before COVID it was an experience during flu season no one wanted to be in, now that you add COVID to the mix? A computer screen just makes a lot of sense. Take the extra person out of the equation.


Here are some top reasons that video or phone interpreting may work best for your business.

  • COST

Sometimes cost can be a factor as to why VRI is a great tool. If you consistently have appointments that are 45 minutes or less, then you may want to consider VRI/OPI. It will save you money over the cost of a face to face Interpreter when you factor in the mileage fees and the minimum charges.


If you live in an area where an Interpreter isn’t readily available, VRI/OPI would be the best option. Paying mileage for an Interpreter to drive 2 or 3 hours to come to you (if they are willing to do it) can be very expensive. Using VRI/OPI in these instances makes getting an Interpreter much easier and efficient.


If you need an Interpreter at the last minute. You will get an on demand Interpreter with phone interpreting any time. Our VRI services for American Sign Language must be pre-scheduled, but if you call us we may be able to get one for you on short notice if you are in a pinch.


A lot of companies sign you to contracts where you need to meet a minimum or pay an annual fee to use a service. At Global - we do not have those. We know your business office will appreciate not having to pay an annual fee just to use the service. Pay for what you use and that is all.


We know your business doesn't need to drag a bulky machine into a small room or track down a special phone when the need for an interpreter arises. Our services work on any smart device or computer, there is no equipment to rent or buy and no set up charges. Your phone is already a tool for so much - why not add interpreting to the list of services it can provide.


VRI/OPI services are a great back up for face-to-face services. If you already have a face-to-face agreement, we guarantee that having a VRI/OPI service as a back up will do wonders for your business. And we may even save you a few dollars.


We have worked hard to make our VRI and OPI services responsive, clear and easy to use. Our customer service is the best in the industry. Give us a call and check us out!

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